Saturday, May 06, 2006


I used to think I was fairly Zen - mellow, easygoing, patient. It seems that compared to the average Washingtonian that's not the case - the traffic lights take longer to turn here, people in line muse over which coupon in their coupon book to use, everyone drives slower, and my patience is tried. I've gone from being Mr. Zen to Mr. whatever the opposite of Zen is.


Paul said...

Dude. Wait until you get behind the "formation drivers". They seem to love to drive side by side at 5MPH below the speed limit. I hated driving in Seattle. Some advice from someone that moved from San Diego to Seattle: buy a top of the line radar detector and Laser jammer. Both are legal and the state patrol there are brutal.

Brett Douville said...

Two formulations of the "opposite of Mr. Zen":
* Mr. Nez
* Your Average American



Chaos The Fleabag said...

The opposite of Mr. Zen, would be Mr. Ang, methinks!

But then methinks lots these days.
Most of it non-relevant to anything other than digging holes and building massive monkey ninja robots of real ultimate festive destruction...

Ook-ook....HO HO HO....BOOOOOOM!