Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sofi To English Dictionary, Volume 2

"why" - water
"dan" - dragon
"bobo" - diaper (no idea where she gets this one)
"doggie" - doggie
"woof" - sound a doggie makes
"mow" - sound a cat makes
"moo" - sound a cow makes
"beeeee" - sound a bee makes
"beh" - bear
"guy" - guy
"pee" - pig
"no" - nose
"no beess" - nose beast
"buh-bye" - bye bye
"go" - go
"uh-oh" - uh-oh
"okay" - okay

Not a comprehensive list, just some of the highlights.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Latest Art

Cathy bought Sofi new markers the other day and she took her art to the next level!



"El Pollo Diablo Surveys the Void From His Parapet"

Hobo Spider (or - I'm Going To Hell)

I heard that hobo spiders were the Washington equivalent of scorpions - so recently when I saw a spider crawling around our home I looked up just enough on the internet to get kind of anxious. This morning the spider was just hanging out on the wall and it looked just like the photos of hobo spiders on the internet. Oh my. But how to be sure?

I captured it under a glass and went to a website on spider identification and it turns out that the differences between the more common "large house spider" and the hobo are barely visible to the naked eye. They recommend a magnifying glass. I tried to tell the difference anyway and couldn't. Then the pdf recommended submerging the spider in alcohol to kill it and make the differences more obvious.

So I did. And, yikes, it thrashed around in there for a while. It was not a pleasant, quick death. It was a knuckle-biting sort of death.

Oh - and - not a hobo spider as it turns out.

So, yeah, going to hell.

Cutest Thing

I make little 'dragon' hand puppets to entertain Sofi - just my bare hand with the forefinger and pinky sticking up - a habit I got from Ed Del Castillo back in college. I open my hand, say, "Where'd he go?" and then make the dragon again - "There he is!" Much delight.

Then Sofi started doing it too! She makes tiny baby dragons with her little hands, and she can't stick her fingers up, and she says, "Wha go?" and "Dereeih!" So cute!