Monday, October 16, 2006

I give up on citysearch

For the third time now, I've tried a top-ranking restaurant on citysearch and been immensely disappointed. How does one find good restaurants, anyhow? Zagat's, I suppose.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stocks; "Wahvu"

A year ago I pretended to invest in some stocks - if I had really done it, I would have beat the S&P by a factor of two, because one of the stocks was Merck. So suddenly I find myself being one of those guys who thinks they have a system...who think they're smarter than the mutual fund managers and big computers on Wall Street...when really I was just lucky - I had a 50% shot at beating the S&P, right?

Still, nagging voice. Did I have a 50% shot at beating it 2x? I shouldn't have played this game. That's how Vegas gets you.

Something Sofi's been saying a lot, insistently, is "Wahvu" - and she gets more and more upset as we try to decode it. "You love us? You want something? You want food? You want to go driving? You want to be picked up? WHAT?" Any ideas what it means? She won't tell us.