Saturday, May 13, 2006


We haven't really lied to Sofi much yet. But just today, as she was angling for our ice blended mochas, I thought - hey, since we're trying to wean her (we've started trying again...we tried a few months ago and gave up), maybe we should give her some ice blended "mocha".

Blended her the milk and ice, added just one tablespoon of chocolate (you can barely taste it) and, of course, no coffee. Brought it in, "Mmm...this ice blended mocha sure is good."

"Can I have some?" Cathy asked. And then we gave it to Sofi and Sofi started drinking it up.

"We lied to our baby," Cathy said. "Hey, Sofi, you know that's a 'baby' mocha, right? There, now we aren't lying to you."

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