Tuesday, May 16, 2006


We're already wondering what Sofi's going to be when she grows up. An artist? When we draw with her she hands the crayons to us and makes us draw. An engineer? When we play on the computer she puts our hand on the mouse and makes us do the interacting. A musician or dancer? Maybe! She loves pressing the buttons on her musical toys and then bouncing and stomping and spinning and waving her arms while the music plays. She's been dancing since before she started to walk, I think I mentioned in an earlier post. I've set up her musical toys in a sort of baby-Rick-Wakemanish horseshoe; she usually only plays one at a time, although just now, this morning, she had two going at once. Very avant garde.
So now I'm imagining that we'll push Sofi into becoming a rock star and then live vicariously through her. You've heard of soccer parents? We'll be rock star parents. Or something.

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scrapcat said...

don't forget scrapbook designer.
she loves to pick up choking-hazard-size embellishments, place photos on a page, and stare at scrapbooking magazines for inspiration!