Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How Sofi eats an orange slice:
* take one small bite
* mash rest in hands, getting juice everywhere
* put mashed slice in garbage
* ask "More?"

Once I've seen Sofi be selfish: our neighbors grandchild wanted to play with Sofi's pushcart-scooter thingy and Sofi took it away from her. But just the other day she wasn't: we were at the children's museum at the mall and she loved the ball machine, but even though it took her a long time of standing in line before she got her own balls, she started giving them to the other kids.

A couple times in a row last week I heard someone say that you're a bad parent if you nurse/rock your baby to sleep and then put them in the crib. You're tricking your baby, they'll be upset when they wake up in the dark, blah blah blah. Screw you people! It works. And I think babies are smarter than you give them credit for: sure, the first night they wake up and cry. Maybe the second night. But after a while they figure it out - "Hmmm...if I'm given a bath and put in my PJ's and fed in the nursery it means I'm going to end up in the crib."

Also, one of the books on sleeping, the one that says "Make sure your baby naps plenty during the day if you want them to sleep well at night", is a crock! My anecdotal evidence is that lots of napping during the day => trouble sleeping at night and little napping => good, long night's sleep. Mark Nau: "The only way to get something published is to say something wrong." Case in point.


Mark said...

I seem a lot pithier in your world than I think I am. Like I said, I just think my life needs better editing to "jazz" it up some.

Michael said...

Just like 'Pet Miracles'!


Anonymous said...

I have learned two main things about babies and I learned both in the first month of my baby's life:
1. Babies (our one baby at least) are born as individuals, so generalitions only go so far before slamming into "personality" or "individuality"

2. Babies are not stupid, all those brain cells are there from day 1 (and diminishing from there as I understand it) but they are just untrained.

These are things I repeat to myself as i bounce Z for her nap...

Anonymous said...

Shana is anonymous, I can't figure this potato out - SOOO unsavvy with the blogging, posting, website stuff!

Jamie said...

Note for posterity, now that Sofi's over three, a daytime nap definitely does seem to help her sleep through the night. So not only do the generalities slam up against individual personalities, those individual personalities can change over time.