Saturday, May 13, 2006

On My Head Be It

Zoe's become an outdoor cat whether we wanted her to or not; she keeps darting out any open door. We need to get her collared and microchipped, I guess.

Bill told me something like a million songbirds a year get killed by outdoor cats. "On your head be it," he said.

I didn't think Zoe had it in her to kill a bird anymore - she's too old and lethargic, I figured. But while we were eating our chinese food in the backyard today, we noticed that Zoe was playing with a dead canary-like bird, tossing it in the air and then batting it around.

My reaction: Awww...Zoe's first kill in the wild. She's not totally ruined by domesticity.

Cathy's reaction: Aaauuggggh! I can't watch! Get her away from me! Bird killer!

We moved to the front porch and continued eating our cripsy duck.

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