Sunday, March 06, 2005


Cathy finally caved and agreed we needed to let Sofi cry it out, mostly because it's gotten to the point where sometimes almost nothing we do gets her to calm down. So, two nights ago, we put her in her own room (using a bassinet because I didn't have time to disassemble and reassemble the crib after work, before her bedtime) and we did the "check on her every five minutes thing". I guess the idea there is you're continually reassuring her you still exist, even though you're not picking her up or anything. We'd re-insert the pacifier and pet her and shh her, but wouldn't pick her up or feed her. She cried for 45 minutes the first time, then around 20 minutes two hours later, then 10 minutes two hours after that.
I thought we were in trouble - she spits the pacifier out, she gets upset, she starts crying - I was afraid the pacifier had become a drug, and that until we'd weaned her from the pacifier we'd be getting up every couple of hours to put it back in again.
But last night we put her to bed (I moved the crib to the nursery - it wasn't as big a deal as I was dreading - although I did have to take it almost completely apart again, at least I didn't have to assemble the shelf or attach the springs again) and she slept the whole night! I'm actually pretty blown away. Maybe when we were co-sleeping we were waking her up with our tossing and turning. Maybe the strange blackout we had around 7:30 last night somehow calmed her down (it suddenly got very quiet, a quiet I hadn't heard in Los Angeles...ever). Maybe after the bassinet her crib seemed wonderful.
Hope she does it again tonight.
This would have been an opportunity for me to get some much needed sleep - the last week or so has been like another mini-crunch - but no, like an idiot I found myself playing Escape Velocity: Nova until 3 AM. More on that in my other blog.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is, don't start playing an MMORPG. Crack-like addiction to WoW + baby hasn't worked out so well.