Sunday, March 13, 2005


So Mark Nau found a mortality table, pretty much just like I was describing way back when. So here's the top 3 causes of baby death:
1) congenital abnormality
2) motor vehicle accident
Which is actually kind of encouraging - it means as long as my car seat's installed correctly, and I resist the urge to kill my own young, Sofi's got a real good chance of seeing 2.
Interestingly, SIDS isn't even in the top 10. Maybe that's because SIDS education is so prevalent these days...or maybe it's because SIDS was never really that big a deal...?

Side note: flying with kids is easier than flying without them: you get on the plane first, they give you an extra seat if one's available, they're all really nice. If you're flying and don't have a kid, you may want to rent one.


Anonymous said...

The ease of flying with the kids is inversly proportial to (time of flight X age of kids). I'm guessing you were on a short flight with an infant. Try 12 hours with a 2 year old some time........

Jamie said...

True that. Correction: don't rent a kid, rent an infant.