Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Record

8 PM to 6:45 AM, baby. Ten and three-quarters hours. I slept from around 11 to 5 - waking up at 5 was almost Pavlovian. "Why isn't Sofi crying?" I wondered.

Sofi fusses when I use the computer. Hey, I'm holding you, what more do you want?

Oh well. Gotta go.


misterorange said...

That's great man. Remember, schedules are your friend. Whether you like to go to bed early and sleep late, or vice versa, remember that kids need a LOT of sleep. :)

My 2.5yr old now says she doesn't need a nap. Of course, that's her opinion and when it's 7PM and she's mean as can be we differ in opinion ;)

I figure nap em until the naps are napped-out? 3-4 years old, easy. Perhaps a more experienced parent could comment on this one.

Brett Douville said...

Congrats! Nothing is better than those first great nights of sleep. Blissful. Warning: usually there's a little backsliding, but it generally never goes back as far as it was.