Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I should stop swearing in front of Sofi:

a) now

b) before six months

c) before twelve months

d) before two years

e) after two years

f) never



Brett Douville said...


This, of course, has nothing to do with her comprehension and everything to do with how long it will probably take you to do it.

The other factor is that it's good for *you*, too.

Brett Douville said...

It is bizarre to me that the date on this post is from May 10, but here I am reading it on May 8. Have I gained some sort of clairvoyance from playing too much Psychonauts? Discuss.

Jamie said...

I was trying to trick people into thinking I wrote a different entry on each day...typepad would have waited to post them, but blogspot threw them up anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Just about to fail (c) here.


misterorange said...

Unfortunately there are no scheduling posts features in blogger. I wish, though. Hell, even MovableType needs a crontab daemon.

Anyway, swearing? You'll need to cut it out by 15-16 months, but you'll do so voluntarily long before that. The kid will start to speak his/her first words around 14 months, and then you'll be so busy repetitively trying to make them say ma-ma and da-da and 'dink (drink) that you won't even think about it.

Then you'll find yourself hushing houseguests and warning them of their own language. If this seems odd, give it time :)

Anne said...


John Sage didn't talk beyond very specific words until he was 2 1/2, and we were cut off in traffic by a white pickup.

He uttered a stream of profanity used on very rare occasions by The Husband, beamed at me and said, "Right, Mommy?"