Monday, May 30, 2005

And The Official New Solid Food Of The Week Is...

Banana! Sofi seems to prefer it to rice cereal. Unfortunately, after we give Sofi her mashed-up small portion, neither of us particularly want to eat the rest of the banana, which just goes to waste.

Looking forward to introducing avocado.


The Pathetic Earthling said...

Gave the boy a little tiny bit of ice cream the other day -- he thought it was the greatest thing since the almighty boob itself.

Anonymous said...

Becca's favorite thing in the world is Gatorade. It's like fire water to her, go figure.

Right now she's eating... tofu, bananas, sweet potatoes, mangos, avocado, potato, bread with cream cheese (what a mess), sharp cheddar cheese cube, harvadi cheese cubes, watermelon.

This morning she was force-feeding me a Clif Bar. Pretty cute stuff.


Brett Douville said...

Ah, yes, avocado. That way, what you put into her will at last have a marked resemblance to what comes out of her.