Friday, February 25, 2005

We're Big Band-Wagoners

According to, the names Sofia and Sophia shot up in popularity since the year 2000. Like shot right the hell up. Crazy up. Because of Sofia Coppola, maybe? Hey, who wouldn't want their daughter to turn out like Sofia Coppola? And we thought we were so different and cutting edge; we thought the name Sofia would stand out. Turns out it's the "Sarah" of the new millenium.


The Pathetic Earthling said...

Likewise, Owen. Big run on Owen lately.

David Fristrom said...

I know how you feel -- NameVoyager shows that the name we've picked for our daughter (which we're keeping a secret until her birth, which should be any day now), and which we thought would be fairly original, has also shot up in popularity over the last decade.

Oh, well, as a "David" I know there's nothing wrong with having a common name.

Anonymous said...

My wife's name, Judith, is through the floor. Or you could go really crazy and use her preferred spelling, Iudythe.