Monday, February 14, 2005


Sofi smiles when I bicycle her legs; she also smiles when I act like a retard. Am I manipulating her or is she manipulating me? ("Act like a retard and I'll smile for you, dad!") She learned to shriek a week or so ago: there is no withstanding the awesome power.
Getting used to the idea of being the #2 parent. If Sofi had a sibling I'd never admit to them that I had a favorite; Sofi can't even speak and she's already made it clear that mom's number one around here.
This made me day, though: somebody I don't even know gave my novel a five star review. "If I can reach just one person it's worth it." Well, no, not really. But it helps.

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Mark said...

It not manipulation, it's a two-player assymetrical game. And wait until you get in a situation where you're not even #2. There have been weekends when I ranked no higher than 5th.