Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm The First Person In History To Try California Paid Family Leave

Or at least that's what it seems like - I took six weeks off of work, with the understanding that the government would reimburse me for half of my salary during that time. That's how Activision's HR department explained it to me, anyhow. Actually trying to collect on this seems to be impossible: they need the birth certificate, which the City of Los Angeles won't give me for another three months, or the "Hospital Birth Record", a document that Cedars-Sinai seems to have never heard of. And if I don't have this paperwork to them soon, they will deny my claim, although later I will apparently be able to appeal that denial.
Even though Sofi has medical insurance and a social security card, the Paid Family Leave people don't believe she exists.
On the bright side, the guy at Paid Family Leave who explained to me that they can't pay me, he has a very nice telephone manner. His name's Richard. Hey, he doesn't set the policy.


Mark said...

Come up with the first couple of adjectives that come to mind for "government." Now try it for "HR." And an exercise that involves both of them....

misterorange said...

I would keep checking about that Hospital Birth Record. If they don't understand, ask for someone in Labor + Delivery. These people have to create birth records in some capacity, not in regards to a birth certificate.

If you get someone real friendly, they may be able to fax it to the paid leave peeps.

Anonymous said...

Me, I'm not above forgery.