Monday, June 02, 2008


Brett caught my egregious order-of-magnitude math error in the last post. Guess I'm back on the watch-kids-in-the-bath bandwagon.

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Mark said...

Googling "bathtub drowning" took me to a government document specifying number of indoor drowning deaths from 1996-1999. 14 3-year-olds drowned in bathtubs nationwide over that period. In one case, the child was mentally impaired and the caregiver fell asleep while supervising. In one case, the father passed out from intoxication while bathing with the child.

From my own digging into fatality statistics, I've come to the conclusion that the raw statistics don't accurately apply to people "like us." Sorry to be so blunt about my anti-egalitarianism.

In the case of SIDS, my research turned up the fact that the incidence rate positively correlates strongly with young maternal age, unmarried motherhood, and low income. In the case of BBQ safety, I found a shocking number of deaths were caused by CO2 inhalation (from using it INDOORS.) In short, the stats aren't adjusted for stupidity and incompetence.

Or for that matter, malice. How many bathtub drownings weren't entirely accidental, yet got recorded that way?