Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yeah Baby

Sofi was very good on the flight back from New York. Probably because Cathy would nurse her whenever she got uppity - we rigged the blankets on the armrests and meal tray to create a kind of tent or shower curtain for modesty.
Right now she's crying, though, because she got used to sleeping with mommy and daddy, and now she's alone in her crib, and I got a spasm in my back trying to soothe her and gave up.
And I will not feel guilty about that, damn it!
Other random milestones: she learned to crawl up stairs; she learned to pull the back off the remote control and take the batteries out; she learned to push the plastic cork in on her pig toy; and she took her first drink from a sippy cup today. (Up until now she just gnawed on the end, not really getting it.)
You know, sometimes she can be trying, but most of the time I just want to gloat. Look what an awesome kid *I* have.

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