Saturday, September 10, 2005

New York, New York

Well, Long Island anyway.
Yesterday we went to the Riverhead Aquarium: it was Sofi's first sighting of live sharks, lobsters, rays, monkeys, humuhumunukuapuaa (I think that's what they were...), emus. It was her first viewing of a piranha feeding frenzy; and mine too. She seemed to really enjoy it. She cried hardly at all, anyhow, and was always looking around interested at stuff. There was one shark tank where she grabbed the railing and didn't want to let go...I think she liked holding the railing more than looking into the tank, though.
Today she learned how to crawl up steps. She knew her mom was somewhere upstairs, and I followed her as she made her way up a whole flight.
While on vacation, we're co-sleeping again. You know, when your wife takes too much of the bed, it's no problem, you just shove her over or hit her with a pillow or whatever, but when your baby takes too much, you're screwed. Not getting a lot of sleep on this vacation.

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The Pathetic Earthling said...

Owen managed to corrall me into the lower-right 2/9th of the bed the other night.