Sunday, January 09, 2005


What I said about Ferber a week ago: I've relented. I was weak. I only did it for one morning and then stopped. Cathy never did approve. We're back to being baby slaves, jumping at the first sound of distress. Last night, it felt like it was practically hourly. And I wasn't technically a Ferber baby, either: although mom and dad started skipping my midnight feed after I was just a month old, they did try (although they failed) to soothe me while I cried for the lost meal. They didn't just leave me to cry it out on my own.

So there it is: I'm a bad person, I neglected my baby, and possibly caused her brain damage if you believe what some of the websites say about crying babies.

Oh yeah, and those products I didn't like in my first post? Now we actually use the boppy and the bouncer. (We don't typically use the 'bounce' feature of the bouncer, it's really just a convenient chair, but still.) Shows what I know.

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misterorange said...

I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about the breast milk thing. Me and my wife were the same way, tried to be as relentless as possible about it, and ended up with my wife strapped to the damn milk pumping machine 4+ hours per day (it takes a -long- time to pump breast milk, as I'm sure you're learning).

We did actually make it 6+ weeks breast-milk-only, but it seemed that all my wife did was pump breast milk and we finally just went formula-only.

I love the idea of breastfeeding, I love the good things it does. But easy it is not!

Oh, and breastfeeding beyond, like, 6-12 months (-tops-) is creepy.