Thursday, January 27, 2005

Four AM

Yeah, Sofi woke me up at three-something with a little fussing and now I'm wide awake for whatever reason.

Hey, where is everybody? I tell you, I stop blogging for a couple weeks and now that I'm back not a single comment? I went back to work, people, I can't spend all my time blogging for you anymore.

Random anecdotes:

After Sofi was born, my chess rating dropped 150 points. What that means is the pre-Sofi Jamie would beat me at chess something like 7 out of 8 games. Mark Nau warned me that babies make you stupid. Here's empirical proof.

A couple weekends ago I decided it was time for Sofi to quit sleeping in our room and make a nursery. I moved the crib halfway, realized it wouldn't fit through the door of the future nursery to be, moved it back to the bedroom and spent the rest of the day watching Babylon 5...constantly interrupted by baby needs, of course. Maybe I'll try again next month.


Anonymous said...

The failure in your chess game is not due to lack of intelligence, but lack of ability to focus and concentrate. Babies don't make you stupid, they make you distracted (or easily distractable).

And hey, we all have lives out here too, we can't be all doting on your next fatherjamie post all the time. Fix your main blog, I check that more often, you'll get your comments.


Jamie said...

You make me laugh. I'll kill you last.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, you said you'd kill me last!