Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kids In The Same Room?

I read somewhere, in one of those many how to make your kids actually sleep books, that they sleep better if they're in the same room. So, at my wit's end last week, I moved Zara's crib into Sofi's room. (Took all evening - disassembling and reassembling.)

Did it work?

Hell no. Such a mistake.

She cried more than ever. Well, maybe not *ever*, but a lot.

The next few days were torture. Sometimes one of us would even sleep in Sofi's bed so Zara would stop crying. And eventually we did what we should have done in the first place, let her cry it out, sleep train her.

And...we've gotten two good nights of sleep since then. Touch wood. (And when Zara did cry, Sofia didn't wake up, so that was good too.) So maybe this is going to work out after all. But if I had it to do all over again...

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Jamie said...

Looking back on this, despite the absolute hell of that first week, it really did work. Zara cries in the night much less than Sofia did.