Monday, December 07, 2009

Some Nights Nothing Works

Things I tried to soothe Zara tonight:
- the "treatment" - swaddle with one arm free (to bite on), put in the car seat, put in the bathroom with the lights on and the water running. This usually works. Zara enjoys her treatments. It worked for a while tonight but didn't.
- walking around with her. Usually works. My back usually gets tired before she starts crying again, but this time - no.
- giving her her first solid food! Cathy suggested this, in case Z. got hungry before she got back from her girls night out. It seemed to work for a while - she enjoyed each mouthful and lunged for the spoon when I brought her more. (Organic brown rice cereal - we're being a little more health conscious with Z. than with S.) I taped it so Cathy could watch. But, eventually, no mas.
- tried a second treatment. No dice.
- Baby Einstein - this used to work great with Sofi, and it seemed to work with Z for a good solid ten minutes or so, but then...
- playing her videos of her mama on the Flip. Also interesting for a minute or two.
Finally, I gave up. She's crying in the bedroom now...

I've been blogging a lot less about Z than about Sofi - I think a big part of that things are a lot less eventful. Things are so much easier this time around, usually. We know what we're doing and Z's a pretty easy baby. No more blogging about all our experiments, what works and what doesn't....


scrapcat said...

sorry you had a rough night.
thanks for taping the feeding though!

DelLa said...

My daughter is 5 mos. old and we discovered that she is soothed by the vaccuum cleaner. It can be a little obnoxious, but it works like a charm for us! Good luck with the solid foods!