Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's A Girl!

I think this is the first time I've blogged about Sofi 2.0 - just got the ultrasound today and the tech was "pretty sure" it's a girl but not positive. ("Look at how she's clamping her legs together, and the umbilical cord is in the way, but I don't see any boy parts.")

Cathy was pretty sure it was a boy because she was so miserable for the start of the pregnancy - we've even been calling the baby Zachary - but lately she's been glowing and happy so I started to think we were wrong. Sofi was disappointed too - although she used to be ambivalent ("What do you want, a little brother or little sister?" a nurse asked her once, and she answered, "Whatever it is!") we managed to brainwash her into wanting her brother Zachary.

Now we need a name...

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Brett Douville said...

You know what I say? I say go with Zachary, boy or girl. :)

I have given my congratulations previously, but I re-congratulate you. Congrats!

Wondering when I'll see you next. It's almost a year since I was out to Seattle to help out, so maybe another trip is in order. However, now that the Republicans have released their hold on Washington, perhaps it's time for you three (well, four) to visit me :)