Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby With Hearts

by Sofia

(Mama & I took dictation.)

Once upon a time, a baby with hearts.
I love you. I play under the blanket.
I can't play under the bed.
A baby with hearts.

I love you best, but I didn't want to
play with you. The words so high.
Okay. But Olivia can't find her best toy.

When I was a little girl me.


Whistle time. Hi!

The top of the beginning.
I can't. The play dough's so high
as the beginning of the book.

The flattened dough means
one in everything is so high.
Dough dough.
Double dough.

Pages so hard to best to read.

Underwear of try today.
Toothpaste is dough today.
The words go so wide today.

The penguin said, "Hi."

The End

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