Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cream sauce?

I think cream in spaghetti alla carbonara is a crime against humanity. The *New Best Recipe* agrees.
Apparently Sofi doesn't, though - tonight she started dipping her noodles in her milk. "Mak noodle!"
"Looks pretty gross, honey," I said.
She ate it up and liked it enough to keep doing it Then she started doing the same thing with the bacon. "Baton mak!"
She liked that too.
None for me, thanks.


Brett Douville said...

Hmmm... I checked *The New Best Recipe* and while they say that tasters didn't like the addition of cream, since the fat coated the mouth and deadened the flavor, I noted a distinct lack of the words "crime against humanity."

Brett Douville said...

By the way, that's an awesome recipe for spaghetti alla carbonara, I made it Saturday night.

Dyllis said...

Well said.