Monday, July 03, 2006

More Sofi Words

"E" - any letter of the alphabet. We can impress our friends by pointing to the letter E in a given word and saying "What letter is this, Sofi?" "E!" Pointing to any other letter ruins the illusion.

"Ashoo" - bless you. She uses it when we burp, too.

We're down to one nursing a day. Almost completely weaned! I'm handling naptime and most of bedtime: there was a while there where I actually had to physically hold her down, or she'd stand up and do her damnedest not to fall asleep. She didn't like it much - she'd fall asleep crying, and then sniffle in her sleep. After a couple days of it she caught on. "You mean if I just lie here I'll fall asleep? Ok." She used to run to mom when I'd say, "Story time!" because she knew it really meant bedtime. Now she's into it, running into the nursery ahead of me. Things are good!

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