Monday, June 05, 2006

No User Servicable Parts Inside

The Dugans gave Sofi one of those ball-popper-walker things a while go. Balls are Sofi's favorite thing in the world (imagine my joy when she was watching me play Kirby's Canvas Curse on my DS and she said, "Ba!") and today she rolled the ball popper up to me and started clawing at the plastic housing, saying, "Ba! Ba! Ba!"
"You want me to roll it around for you?" I asked, and started to, but no, she picked it up and handed it to me again. "Ba! Ba! Ba!"
I knew what she wanted. "You can't have those, they're inside."
"Ba! Ba! Ba!"
So I found a screwdriver and opened the thing up and gave her the little balls.
She was very happy.

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Shana said...

you rock Papa.