Saturday, March 11, 2006

Big Day


I sucked some food off my finger this morning with a popping sound - Sofi imitated me, right afterwards.

At lunch, she walked down steps while mom held her hands - then she went down a step by herself using the rail post.

I think something 'clicked' re: mouse usage. Reader Rabbit For Toddler up until today, has been pretty much a TV show for her where we click on stuff and she watches. Today she started using the mouse herself and really getting it - she was able to paint the screen and find the animals and move the shapes. Definitely lacking in fine motor control but she gets the idea!


Jamie said...

Oh, and she's gotten really good at the sign for "All done".

Anne said...

** smile **

I miss those days when every day brought some new skill or action from The Boy.

Thanks to Reader Rabbit, he was better with a mouse than his grandmother by the time he was 18 months old.

Have you tried Orisinal yet? He loved it -- ? Cute little flash games.