Thursday, July 28, 2005


Now that Sofi can stand up, when I go to get her out of the crib in the morning she's always standing, her arms over the railing, which is nestled in her armpits.
Good thing we lowered the mattress.


Anonymous said...

Becca is now sleeping perpendicular to the orientation of the crib, two legs sticking through the railings. I'm sure this isn't great, but no force on this planet will make me move/wake her.


Brett Douville said...

My first son, Luc, decided at two years that he was tired of being in a crib, and started just climbing out of it whenever he felt like it. Luckily, this happened in exactly the week his brother was born. We got him a bed and put gates over the door.

For Jordan, we got a crib cover. It's just a mesh, looks a little like mosquito netting, and he never even thought to challenge it all that hard.