Sunday, April 10, 2005

Wish I'd Known

I wasn't able to figure out when we should switch to a faster nipple for bottle feeding. It's probably somewhere online, but for whatever reason, I was never able to find it.

Tonight we tried switching to a fast nipple just for the hell of it, really. Just to see what would happen.

And what used to take an hour and a half of fussing and complaining took about ten minutes. So that's why she didn't like the bottle. It was too slow!

If only we'd known sooner. With all the parenting classes and books, you'd think this would be part of the curriculum. But no. Had to figure it out for ourselves. Or maybe we were sick that day. Or skipped that chapter.

It almost makes me want to have a second kid, so we can use what we learn with the first...


misterorange said...
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misterorange said...

Yeah, the 2nd kid is so much easier its ridiculous. Everything that you fretted about is pushed aside, and the 2nd kid really gets a tough break because they're not fawned or looked over with the dilligence/intensity the first was.